Canon Sarah Snyder speaks at International Day of Tolerance

The Founding Director of the Rose Castle Foundation, Canon Sarah Snyder, spoke at an event to mark this year’s International Day of Tolerance on 16 November, jointly hosted by the Sultanate of Oman and the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers.

Sarah was the guest speaker as part of an interactive discussion on the ‘Importance of Promoting Tolerance in Communities in Times of Crisis’, led by Dr Mohamed Elsanousi, Executive Director of the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers, together with other religious actors and faith-based institutions.


Canon Sarah Snyder (on screen, right) speaking at the International Day of Tolerance event in Oman, via videolink.

Canon Snyder shared her experiences and measures the Rose Castle Foundation and colleagues have taken to ensure that tolerance is effectively promoted during times of crisis.

Sarah also spoke on the importance of engaging women and youth in peacebuilding efforts, and the need to reflect on the value of hospitality and welcoming the strangers in our midst. She reminded delegates that Jesus is more often a ‘risky guest’ of strangers, without the ability to host in any home of his own.

International Day of Tolerance is an initiative of the United Nations, set up in 1996 after the United Nations Year for Tolerance, 1995, which affirmed the need to respect diverse world cultures. The United Nations hosts a wide range of international days and weeks in order to educate people on key issues, address global problems, and celebrate the achievements of humanity.


Participants in the interactive discussion, which took place both online and in person.

This year’s International Day of Tolerance came at a time of crisis for humanity. To date, the Covid-19 pandemic has cost over 5 million lives, devastated the global economy, and upended all spheres of human life. The pandemic has further exacerbated poverty and inequality, including the impacts on women, girls and marginalized communities and groups.

At the same time, the crisis has also highlighted the importance of solidarity and collaboration, with greater investment in social protection, health care, education, and livelihoods. Additionally, the pandemic has shed further light on the value of empowering local actors, including religious actors, women and youth, who are at the forefront of peacebuilding initiatives.

The Rose Castle Foundation is dedicated to working together to form sustainable and inclusive approaches to building peace.

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