RCF Marks International Women's Day

RCF hosted a roundtable discussion in New York, convening senior and junior women in the field of peacebuilding, to mark International Women’s Day, which falls annually on 8th March.

Run in collaboration with the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers, the event attracted a beautiful diversity of women, representing the Baha’i, Christian and Buddhist faiths, working across the UN and NGOs.

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Phoebe Dill, who joined the group, said: "Together we shared an incredibly rich time, first discussing what about our roles as peacebuilding women gives us energy and life, and then also vulnerably sharing what it is about the field we find more challenging.

"We then used the 12 Habits of a Reconciler to frame a discussion on which Habits feel natural to us, and which ones we find harder to relate to. Using this lens of the Habits, we were able to celebrate what it is we bring as individuals and as women, whilst also unpacking in more depth the challenges and nuances of being a woman in peacebuilding."

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