Over 150 people join digital festival to launch Rose Reconciler Hub

From Monday 11th - Friday 17th November the Rose Castle Foundation hosted a week-long digital reconciliation festival to mark one year since the creation of the Rose Reconciler Hub.

The Rose Reconciler Hub is RCF’s digital hearth and home for connecting and empowering people in the Rose Network worldwide.

The Hub’s one-year birthday celebrations were a huge success, with a selection of five events showcasing RCF's approach to reconciliation attracting over 150 people from countries as far apart as Indonesia, Pakistan, Oman, and the USA - along with in-person gatherings in Cumbria and Cambridge.

“It was a precious event for me...it was really different than the other online events I have attended...I felt this beautiful connection with others”

“I liked the welcoming environment for everyone to come and participate in the conversation.”

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Innovative Digital Gatherings

The week started off with immense energy and enthusiasm as 30 people across the Abrahamic faith traditions gathered together to listen to Canon Sarah Snyder, Dr Zaza Johnson Elsheikh and Rabbi Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz discuss and explore the '3Cs' model for reconciling impact: deep-to-deep Conversation, to Collaboration, to Covenantal relationship.

The enthusiasm was sustained throughout the week as more than twenty participants joined the RCF team to delve into the 12 Habits of a Reconciler, Scriptural Reasoning and “Dialogue with Difference”, before closing the week with a fascinating Q&A session with Canon Sarah Snyder on “Facilitating Difficult Conversations”.

And the old style - gathering in person!

To mark the Hub as an online platform to facilitate offline relationships, some of our Cumbria-based and Cambridge-based Reconcilers also gathered in-person to celebrate together.


Cumbria-based members of the Rose Reconciler Hub gathered at the Rose Castle Foundation office on the Rose Castle estate

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Cambridge-based members of the Rose Reconciler Hub also gathered to mark the moment

What's Next?

The digital reconciliation festival marks the beginning of a new phase for the Hub, which will see increased activity and connectivity including monthly online Scriptural Reasoning, a monthly online dialogue group and quarterly skills-based sessions as well as the frequent sharing of resources, reflections and opportunities to help people on their personal and collective journeys to reconciliation.

RCF welcomes anyone interested in growing as a reconciler to join the Hub. More on the Hub and a sign-up link can be accessed here.

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